Indonesian man reports son-in-law’s alleged oversized penis to the police believing it killed his daughter

Illustration. Photo: Flickr
Illustration. Photo: Flickr

After losing his wife recently, a man from the Probolinggo regency in East Java, Indonesia had to go through the humiliation of having his genitalia inspected by local police after false rumors spread that it was the cause of his wife’s death.

According to reports, on the morning of Feb 25, 55-year-old Nedi found his 23-year-old daughter, Jumantri, lifeless on her bed. Authorities ruled her death to be caused by an epileptic fit she had during the night.

Two weeks later, Nedi began questioning the circumstances of his daughter’s death after he heard rumors that her husband/his son-in-law Barsah had an oversized penis, and that it was what killed Jumantri while they were making love the night before her death.

Though it’s not clear who started the rumors, Nedi believed them to the point that he reported Barsah to the police.

Despite there being an official cause of death, local police still indulged Nedi and summoned Barsah to the police station on March 20, during which time he was asked to show his genitalia to the police with members of Nedi’s family and village officials present as witnesses.

“After seeing directly the genitalia that was thought to be oversized, it turned out to be of the standard Asian size,” Probolinggo Police Crime Investigation Unit Head Riyanto told Detik today.

“So right there and then the father-in-law dropped the report [against Barsah] and they apologized to each other.”

Nedi says the family is now sure that Jumantri died from epilepsy, which she had suffered since she was 14.

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