​Indonesian football star Evan Dimas scores trial with Spanish club Llagostera

When we heard that young Indonesian football sensation Evan Dimas was moving to Spain, some of us (rather optimistically) wondered if he was going to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid.

It turns out the 20-year-old is going to play for neither, nor is he actually set to play for any top-flight Spanish teams. Evan is actually in Spain for a trial at Second Division club UE Llagostera, based in Girona, Catalonia.

It’s unclear how long Evan’s trial at Llagostera will run for, but we wish our golden boy the best so he can break into the team this season.

And, considering the uncanny similarities between Llagostera and Barcelona’s jerseys, maybe this is a sign that one day Evan will step out onto the field wearing the more illustrious red-and-blue uniform.



Nah. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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