Halloween isn’t Indonesian culture, so what is? Netizens answer with hilarious, sarcastic #BudayaKita meme

Screenshots: Twitter
Screenshots: Twitter

While it’s not fiercely protested like Valentine’s Day is by some groups in Indonesia, many people here object to Halloween on the grounds that costume and candy celebration is not a part of Indonesian culture. This year, that objection morphed into its own meme, with netizens offering up their own sarcastic, satirical and sometimes brutally honest takes on what Indonesian culture is.

All of the meme’s tweets begin with some variation on “Halloween bukan budaya kita, budaya kita” (Halloween is not our culture, our culture is….).

One of the first viral tweets to establish the meme came from Twitter user Handoko Tjung and is a refrain many Indonesian woman are used to hearing.

Halloween is not our culture, our culture is this

Hallo, Win, sorry but shouldn’t you cover up your aurat (Islamic term for parts of the body that should be covered for the sake of modesty). Just a reminder.

One great response:

Solution: Cover up your aurat while celebrating Halloween

Here are a few more of our favorite examples of the #BudayaKita meme, but there are way, way more out there.

Halloween is not our culture. Covering up statues with white cloth, censoring squirrels wearing bikinis, blaming female victims of rape because of their clothes, that’s our culture.

Halloween it’s not our culture. Having children without being prepared mentally, emotionally & financially, that’s our culture.

As a Javanese woman, I would like to remind that #halloween is not our culture, our culture is talking about people behind their backs.

#Halloween is not our culture.

Our culture is, if it’s raining, eating a double Indomie with egg and with rice.

Halloween is not our culture, it’s our culture to wear costumes and masks every day while judging the mask and costumes of others.

Halloween is not our culture. Right now our culture is

  • Corruption
  • Using religion as a commodity and/or “fuel” for politics.

Halloween is not our culture. Our culture is that pupils are forced to recite lessons and answer questions with answers that have already been prepared then FANTASIZE that they are actually learning.

Halloween is not our culture, LGBT is considered more dangerous than nuclear war, that’s our culture.

Halloween is not our culture. Natural disasters are linked to warning about people not having enough faith. After land/sea/air transportation tragedies that cause casualties, we publish articles about “premonitions” that members of their family or friends had. That’s our culture.

Halloween is not our culture. Persecution, beating the supporters of opposing football teams until they die, burning people alive, that’s our culture.

Yikes. So what do you think #BudayaKita is? Let us know in the comments.

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