​Haji Lulung doesn’t know what communism is, invents his own definition

A meme poking fun at Haji Lulung. Photo: Twitter

Abraham “Haji Lulung” Lunggana has become an instant celebrity thanks to his verbal gaffes (READ: After mistaking UPS with USB, #SaveHajiLulung now trending topic worldwide). Now it seems the Jakarta City Council (DPRD) vice chairman just made another one.

Amid the ongoing feud between the DPRD and the Jakarta provincial government over corruption claims in the Jakarta Regional Budget (APBD), Haji Lulung suspects there is a conspiracy at play.

“If I may speak in extremes, this is a new form of communism,” Haji Lulung said, as quoted by Vivanews today. 

Lulung added that this conspiracy aims to create public opinion that is detrimental to the security of the executive and legislative branches of government.

But what exactly is this “new form of communism”?

“Communism is pitting people against each other,” Haji Lulung said, an answer as inaccurate as it is offensive to several nations in the world.

Haji Lulung doesn’t need to know what communism is; he can invent his own definition for it.  

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