Guest dies at W. Jakarta’s Golden Crown nightclub, police suspect overdose after drinking Long Island

Golden Crown discotheque in West Jakarta. Photo: Golden Crown’s website

The infamous nightlife scene in North and West Jakarta has become more subdued in recent years after the closure of several nightclubs rumored to also serve as drug dens such as Stadium, Old Town, Milles and Exotic. Golden Crown, a discotheque (as local media still anachronistically refer to such nightclubs) that has a similar reputation but has managed to remain open until now may be shuttered soon after a patron of the club died there early on Sunday morning of a suspected overdose.

However, police have not yet ruled whether the deceased guest, identified as Ingot Junardi Simatupang, died of a drug overdose at the West Jakarta club as they have not yet received an autopsy report. According to the police, Ingot died after drinking a Long Island cocktail and suffering from a seizure.

“As a result, Ingot was taken to Husada Hospital in Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta. Unfortunately, Ingot’s life could not be saved. The doctor stated that the victim had died and there were no signs that he had suffered mistreatment,” Jakarta Police spokesperson Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono said in a written statement on Monday picked up by Tempo.  

According to the statement, the police suspected that he might have died from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol but would wait until they received the coroner’s report before making any conclusions in their investigation.

If Ingot is proven to have had narcotics in his system at the time of death, then it seems likely that Golden Crown, which is located in Glodok Plaza, will be shut down. Stadium, Milles and Exotic were all shut down after allegations that overdose deaths had taken place in their venues.

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