Despicable E: Police in Surabaya warn of Minion-shaped ecstasy pills 

Ecstasy pills are often stamped with special logos to distinguish them from actual medicine, with authorities having found pills marked with everything from smiley faces to Playboy Bunnies. Now police in Surabaya are warning the public about MDMA shaped like Minions, the popular yellow and blue cartoon characters that first appeared in the “Despicable Me” films.

Police in the capital of East Java say that they recently apprehended a user, identified as HW, who was caught with the cutely-shaped narcotics after setting up a meeting with a dealer on Jalan Dinoyo. Police somehow found out about the deal and followed HW after he made his pickup. They then apprehended him while he was in possession of 10 of the Minion-shaped pills. HW confessed that they were ecstasy , but said they were only for his own consumption and not for resale. Police said they are currently testing the pills.

Back in February, police in Chile claimed to have found more than 100 Minion-shaped ecstasy pills hidden inside a children’s drawing kit at the Santiago Airport. The pills seem to match the description given by the Surabaya Police. 

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