Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu promises to find “mastermind” behind rise in communist “propaganda”

You have probably noticed that Indonesian authorities have become extremely paranoid about a “new rise in communism” recently, which has basically amounted to several people being arrested for wearing shirts containing hammer and sickle symbols (that actually had nothing to do with communism) and books being confiscated, on top of the government’s usual repression of discussions regarding the mass killings that took place in 1965-1966 as part of an anti-communist purge. 

President Joko Widodo supposedly instructed the police last week to continue their crackdown on anything that could be propagating communism and related ideologies in Indonesia, saying the 1966 law criminalizing the spread of those ideas is still relevant today.

Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu takes the threat even more seriously. He is worried that the recent rise in communism is actually being masterminded by another country that is out to destroy Indonesia.

“Has the Ministry of Defense already identified what is behind the return of the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party)? It might be possible (that there mastermind behind it). That’s what we are looking for. Who is the culprit,” Ryamizard told reporters last Friday as quoted by Detik

The Defence Minister went on to say that it was very likely that there was a mastermind behind this new communist uprising and that it could be from a foreign country. He said his department would thoroughly investigate the matter.

As you may remember, just this February, Minister Ryamizard also declared that the LGBT movement in Indonesia was a form of “proxy war” out to destroy our country. In fact, he said that the LGBT movement was even more dangerous than nuclear warfare.

“In a nuclear war, if a bomb is dropped over Jakarta, Semarang will not be affected – but in a proxy war, everything we know could disappear in an instant – it’s dangerous,” he said.

We’re curious whether Minister Ryamizard would consider communism or the LGBT movement more dangerous? Perhaps he believes this is all actually being masterminded by gay communists, whom he would surely consider more dangerous than all the nuclear bombs on Earth. 

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