Dead newborn found in toilet of Qatar Airways plane in Jakarta

A shocking discovery was made on board Qatar Airways flight 956 after it arrived in Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport from Doha, Qatar yesterday afternoon.

It was reported that cabin cleaners found the dead body of a newborn male baby inside one of the plane’s toilets.

The police believe that the baby was born to an Indonesian domestic worker identified by the initials EWR. However, the police have not revealed if EWR gave birth to the baby on the plane or if she had somehow stowed the baby on board and discarded him in the toilet.

“We’re still investigating her motives. If she gave birth on board the plane then why didn’t she notify anyone or ask for help at the time?” said Soekarno-Hatta Airport Police Spokesperson AKP Sutrisna, as quoted by Okezone today.

That said, initial forensic investigation revealed that the baby died shortly after birth. It was also revealed that EWR was only 7 months into the pregnancy, but it’s not yet known if she deliberately forced the baby out, or if it was a naturally occurring premature birth.

EWR is reportedly in intensive care at the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, so the police haven’t been able to gather much information from her yet.



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