Coconuts Jakarta Crime

Jakarta may be a sprawling megatropolis, but its crime rate is surprisingly low, at least compared to some of the other huge cities in the world. Homicide, for one, is not that common in Jakarta. Homicides in Jakarta are, more often than not, carried out by sharp weapons instead of firearms due to the extreme lack of availability of guns. That said, there are rare occasions when homicides get especially nasty in Jakarta, such as ones involving bodily mutilation. Conversely, petty crimes are a lot more common in Indonesia. Pickpockets often lurk in public areas such as train stations and bus stops, and even on the trains and buses themselves. Above the level of pickpockets are motorcycle robbers, gangs who ride their motorcycles while targeting other motorists in dark, secluded areas so they can forcefully, and sometimes violently, steal other people’s vehicles (and money). Yet some of the most heinous criminals in Jakarta are the ones who commit sexual violence on women and children. While sexual violence is not reported on a daily basis in Jakarta, it’s still a common crime that occurs more in the city’s less privileged communities. But, arguably, the root cause of all of the above crimes are those that create awful living conditions in Jakarta in the first place: white collar criminals. Indonesia is notorious for having corrupt officials in government, and it’s no surprise that many of them are living in Jakarta considering that it’s the capital city of Indonesia.

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