‘Crazy Rich Surabayan’ couple raise more than IDR 1 billion for Sulawesi disaster relief at extravagant wedding

Photo: Instagram/@jusupclarissawed & @altur_manullang
Photo: Instagram/@jusupclarissawed & @altur_manullang

Jusup Maruta Cayadi and Clarissa Wang became Indonesia’s answer to Crazy Rich Asians recently, earning the moniker “Crazy Rich Surabayans” after rumors that their wedding would cost as much as IDR1 trillion (US$68.9 million) feature gold coin souvenirs, sports cars for door prizes and Michael Learns to Rock as their wedding band went viral.

Rumors of extravagance aside, Jusup and Clarissa — who officially wed on Saturday — did not completely hog the limelight on their wedding day as they also gracefully chose to take advantage of their wealth (and no doubt all the media attention they have received lately) for a great cause.

As reported by Liputan 6, Jusup and Clarissa held a fundraiser at their wedding reception and managed to raise IDR1.26 billion (US$88,450) for victims of the Central Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami, which devastated the region in September.

“Family and friends of Rendra Tjajadi (Jusup’s father) would like to share their happiness with the people of Sigi, Palu, and Donggala. The fund has been given to representatives of our chosen organizations,” Kosasih, a representative of the family said.

As for the wedding itself, there have been no reports confirming nor denying some of the more extreme rumors of extravagance at the wedding (though Michael Learns to Rock and British singer-songwriter Calum Scott did indeed play the reception). The family seemed keen to play down the rumors, with Jusup’s father Rendra — a palm oil tycoon — clarifying to the media days before the nuptials that it was going to be “ordinary” and that “it wouldn’t cost more than IDR10 billion.”

Here’s to the conscientious new crazy rich couple, then, and may they have their happily ever after.

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