​Coconuts Jakarta’s top 10 articles of 2014 (well, since September anyway)

2014 was a historic year for Jakarta. It was a year that will set the tone for Indonesia for generations to come. We elected a new president, who many believe will bring new hope to the country; we saw the first Chinese Christian appointed as the governor of the capital; and we had an old man who claimed that he could lay an egg from his ass.

And of course, 2014 was also the year when Coconuts Jakarta launched to tell you about all the awesome/weird/important/fun/delicious/cool things happening in Jakarta.

To celebrate the end of this historic year, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 of our most read articles in 2014 (well, technically the fourth quarter of 2014 since we’ve only been around since September):

10. Outpouring of sorrow over death of Mayang Prasetyo, believed to be victim in gruesome Australian murder 

9. President Jokowi and wife join the ordinary flyers club, sit on the tail end of a Garuda Indonesia flight to Singapore 

8. Too Hot for Indonesia? What happens after a celebrity sex scandal 

7. Because Batman’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, and he totally photobombed President Joko Widodo’s photo session 

6. Watch the short mini-drama sequel to ‘Ada Apa Dengan Cinta’, which has become a world-trending topic on Twitter (video) 

5. So who is this son of President Jokowi that Indonesia seemingly hates? (Video) 

4. Tourists from China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Australia won’t have to pay for visas to visit Indonesia starting in 2015 

3. Human Rights Report: Women who join National Police must take painful and humiliating ‘Virginity Test’ 

2. Indonesia is about to start producing a male birth control pill that will change the world 

1. VIDEO: Hazara refugee uses smartphone to shoot heartwarming documentaries about his community and their struggles for joy and hope 

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