Analyst says “suicide note” of drowned UI student written by at least two people

Lake Kenanga on the University of Indonesia campus, where Akseyna’s body was found on March 26

The mystery behind the death of Akseyna Ahad Dori, a student at the University of Indonesia who was found drowned in a lake on March 26, continues to get more complicated.

Police initially suspected that the death was a suicide due to a note found in Akseyna’s room, a note even his parents believed was authentic

But the police found evidence that made them begin treating the case as a possible murder. One of the reasons is because an autopsy of Akseyna’s body showed blunt force trauma injuries. 

Another strong piece of evidence  pointing towards murder is that it now appears the suicide note was a fake. Not only that, it might have been written by at least two different people.

A graphologist from the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, Denise Dewi, did a comparison of the handwriting on the note and test papers written by Akseyna. According to her, the note contains evidence of writing by the victim, but also others.

“The first paragraph is identical with the handwriting of the deceased, while the other parts contain the handwriting and signatures of others,” Dewi told Tempo by email.

Dewi analyzed the suicide note under a microscope and compared it to Akseyna’s other writings over the course of two weeks. Her conclusion is that the note was modified by multiple people beside the victim. 

Depok Police have received Dewi’s analysis and said they would make use of it while searching for possible suspects in the case. 

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