5 long weekends in 2020: Gov’t releases official holiday and collective leave days for next year

As we were painfully reminded this month, so many of Indonesia’s public holidays inconveniently fell on weekends this year that we only got one official long weekend (for Good Friday on April 19). But at least things are looking up for next year in that department.

Yesterday, the government released the official calendar of public holidays for 2020. It shows that we’ll get 16 days of public holiday and four collective leave days. The holidays are as follows:

National holidays:

Wednesday, January 1 (New Year)
Saturday, January 25 (Chinese New Year)
Sunday, March 22 (Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad)
Wednesday, March 25 (The Balinese Day of Silence)
Friday, April 10 (Good Friday)
Friday, May 1 (May Day)
Thursday, May 7 (Vesak)
Thursday, May 21 (Ascension of Christ)
Sunday, May 24-Monday, May 25 (Eid al-Fitr)
Monday, June 1 (Pancasila Day)
Friday, July 31 (Eid al-Adha)
Monday, August 17 (Independence Day)
Thursday, August 20 (Islamic New Year)
Thursday, October 29 (Birth of the Prophet Muhammad)
Friday, December 25 (Christmas)

Collective leave days:

May 22, 26, 27 (Before and after Eid al-Fitr)
December 24 (Before Christmas)

Excluding the long holidays for Eid Al-Fitr and Christmas, five of the dates above fall on a Monday or Friday, meaning we’ll get five long weekends next year. Several more fall in the middle of the week, so you can give yourself some more extended long weekends if you plan your leave accordingly.

The calendar above is likely to not be final. As in previous years, the government may yet mandate additional collective leave days before Eid al-Fitr so people have more time to make the annual mudik homecoming trip.

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