Narcotics Agency Head Budi Waseso wants to jail drug-dealers on remote crocodile infested island

The head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Commissioner General Budi Waseso, is on a roll. After proposing that drug dealers be forced to eat all of the narcotics they were caught with as a punishment for their crimes, Budi has announced his next brilliant plan – to build a prison for drug dealers on a remote island surrounded by crocodiles. 

Budi seems completely serious about the plan, and said he was leaving for Medan, North Sumatra, today to check out a crocodile farm where he could source the ferocious reptiles. 

But he’s not stopping there – he said he’sgoing to travel across Indonesia so he could find the fiercest crocs in all the land to populate his dream prison.

“I’m also going to Papua and Sulawesi to see which crocodiles are the most aggressive,” he said on Sunday, as quoted by Tempo.

(You can practically hear him doing a super villain’s “mwhahaha” laugh while describing it – we’re pretty sure he’d add sharks with lasers attached to their heads to the island’s animal lineup if he thought it was possible).

In Budi’s conception, the crocodiles would act as the prison’s guards, making sure that no drug dealers dare escape his island prison of doom.

“We will place as many hungry crocodiles on the island as we can. The crocodiles can not be bribed, they will not allow [the prisoners] to run away,” Waseso said.

The BNN chief would not totally ignore the well-being of the island’s inmates. He said that the police would send them bags of food everyday, although it was up to the prisoners to survive on their own otherwise.

He also reiterated his plan to punish drug dealers by forcing them to eat their own supplies, saying, “They can overdose and die alone.” 

Is there any chance that Budi’s bizarre plans could actually become reality? Fortunately he does not have the authority to build his own crocodile prison fortress, but he did say he submitted the plan to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights for their approval. 

So unless the ministry’s definition of human rights is completely the opposite of the rest of the world’s, we’re pretty sure it won’t happen. 

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