Woman waking up from coma due to TikTok FOMO is peak Indonesian TV movie

Moments before a character in an Indonesian TV movie waking up from a coma due to TikTok FOMO. Photo: Indosiar
Moments before a character in an Indonesian TV movie waking up from a coma due to TikTok FOMO. Photo: Indosiar

FOMO is a powerful motivator, and TikTok FOMO can apparently jolt someone out of a coma, according to a hilariously absurd Indonesian TV movie.

Low budget Indonesian TV movies and soap operas are known for their absurdly out-of-the-box storylines, which many believe to be a viral marketing strategy, and TV network Indosiar has struck gold in that regard after the following clip from a recent TV movie went hugely viral.

To summarize, the clip shows a woman in a coma while her husband and daughter ponder when she would wake up. The daughter then theorized that, perhaps, she would wake up if they make a TikTok video without her. So she did, with her first post-coma words being, “why did you guys do a TikTok dance without me?”

You may be desperate for some context here, so we did the hard part and watched the actual movie. Well, by that we mean we skipped through most of it to understand its main beats. In summary, this is how things went down:

  • Woman is obsessed with TikTok, presumably has dreams of becoming a TikTok star
  • She neglects her family to the point that she burnt a calamari dish she cooked for them because she was doing a TikTok dance
  • She gets chased by thugs for some reason, and then gets hit by a car
  • She records an apology video before slipping into a coma
  • Cue famous coma recovery scene
  • Woman learns her lesson, leaves her old obsessive days and TikToks with her family from now on.

The movie has become the talk of Indonesia in recent days.



Instead of saying prayers [for the woman in the coma], they gave her TikTok music

Indosiar wants to go viral so they made this TikTok theme as a marketing strategy. Next the story will be based on a YouTuber

Will this inspire a study titled, “the effectiveness of TikTok dance therapy on the consciousness of ICU patients,” Indosiar?

On top of all that, the movie was said to be based on a true story. We sure would love to meet this family for a TikTok battle if that were actually the case.

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