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Water balloon beauty vlogger Rahmawati Kekeyi goes to Jakarta to meet her idol and appear on talk shows

PHOTO: Instagram @raffinagita1717/@tasyafarasya
PHOTO: Instagram @raffinagita1717/@tasyafarasya

Rahmawati Kekeyi Putri Cantikka, the Indonesian beauty vlogger who recently shot to fame by challenging conventional beauty standards and using affordable, DIY makeup techniques, is now getting the big city spotlight treatment in Jakarta.

After being invited to the capital by her idol, Indonesian celebrity Nagita Slavina, the 23-year-old — who originally hails from Nganjuk, East Java — came to the capital to meet with her.


Nagita, a self-confessed fan of Rahmawati Kekeyi, even featured the beauty vlogger on her family’s Youtube channel. Three videos have documented their meeting so far, the first of which, posted on Tuesday, shows Rahmawati Kekeyi crying while she embraced Nagita, who had watched all of her videos.

In another video, Rahmawati Kekeyi answered questions submitted by netizens and opened up about why she became a beauty vlogger, saying, “My friends always bullied me, ‘You’re ugly, you’re short, you’re fat’. But I’ve always believed that even someone like me could also be beautiful.”

(She also mentioned she has six pet chickens.)

Rahmawati Kekeyi said she only started learning about makeup early this year because her mother didn’t allow her to wear makeup before. Asked about her mother, Rahmawati Kekeyi said she’s a migrant worker in Hong Kong and the last time they met was two years ago.

When Nagita asked what Rahmawati Kekeyi would say to her mother if she watched this video, she said, “I’d like to say, thank you mom. I miss you so much, please come home. It’s now my turn to be the breadwinner.”

Rahmawati Kekeyi was also invited to go on the popular Hitam Putih talk show on Wednesday, in which she taught host Deddy Corbuzier her signature water-balloon-as-beauty-blender technique and talked about her life so far.

As a surprise, Deddy brought in Rahmawati Kekeyi’s favorite beauty blogger, Tasya Farasya on stage. Starstruck, Rahmawati Kekeyi cried as soon as she saw Tasya, who also seemed delighted to meet her.


Rahmawati Kekeyi’s amazing confidence and positive energy opened the door for her to meet her heroes and become famous herself. Meanwhile, her bullies are still stuck in the same place. And she did it all by brushing off the body-shamers and spreading kindness instead. She’s just the sort of role model that young Indonesians need these days. You go, girl!

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