Blending foundation with a water balloon: Indonesian beauty vlogger goes viral for innovative DIY techniques

PHOTO: Rahmawati Kekeyi Putri Cantikka Facebook/Youtube
PHOTO: Rahmawati Kekeyi Putri Cantikka Facebook/Youtube

A lot of young people want to become beauty vloggers or influencers these days and competition is fierce. In Indonesia, most of them hail from Jakarta or other big cities and, consequently, many show off similar makeup styles and feature similar content. The few that rise to the top rely on strong trademark looks, such as Sarah Ayu, Cindercella, and Tasya Farasya; while others earn their audience with hilarious content such as Rachel Goddard and Suhay Salim.

Enter Rahmawati Kekeyi Putri Cantikka. The youthful 23-year-old beauty enthusiast has only been uploading her videos to her Youtube channel since April 2018 but she’s already become a viral hit, with some of her videos racking up millions of views. Although she now lives in Surabaya, she originally hails from a small town in the Nganjuk Regency of East Java.

So, what makes her tutorials different from others?

Rahmawati Kekeyi may not shoot her videos with high-end cameras and she may not use the fanciest makeup products, but her adorable delivery and earnest excitement seems to radiate a positive energy that has quickly earned her a huge audience. Here are a few of the key videos from her channel.

First, the video that propelled her to viral internet fame, My go-to casual daily makeup for teens

In this video, she used an unusual combination of Cream Temulawak The Face, a day cream brand you’re likely to only find in a traditional pasar (market), as her base and simple baby powder as face powder. Want to get her look? Buy The Face here and go to nearest supermarket to get your baby powder. This video has earned over 900k views since it was posted in mid-October.

Her first video ever, makeup for beginners

With the help of DIY blush on, Rahmawati Kekeyi talked about makeup and how it relates to self confidence.

Doing your makeup on-the-go? Watch this tutorial.

“When I need my foundation the most, my foundation doesn’t make me happy,” Rahmawati Kekeyi declares while doing her makeup in a hurry because “people are waiting for her to go shopping”

Lastly, the infamous water balloon beauty blender tutorial

As the title suggests, Rahmawati Kekeyi only uses simple products costing about IDR25,000 (US$1.67) in this tutorial. She shows how to apply foundation using a water balloon like a far more pricey beauty blender, all while listening to the sound of her pet chicken. Some Jakarta-based beauty vloggers have remade or parodied her video, but theirs aren’t nearly as interesting as the OG. At the time of writing, this video has garnered more than 2.5 million views.

Sadly, there are some internet trolls who have made fun of the way Rahmawati Kekeyi looks or the way she does her makeup.

“If I interrogated terrorists, I would make them watch Rahmawati Kekeyi Putri Cantikka’s makeup tutorials on loop”

Others made sarcastic suggestions for others to watch her videos:

“Watch Rahwati Kekeyi’s videos for flawless makeup”

But Rahmawati Kekeyi’s haters are far outnumbered by her supporters and fans who are fellow beauty enthusiasts. Many said they were inspired by her videos:

“She can be confident and proud using Rp 5,000 Viva foundation while other girls who use hundred thousands to million rupiah foundations are still insecure.”

“I will learn to do makeup wholeheartedly while recording myself with a camera. Rahmawati Kekeyi, you inspired me, I like the way you speak.”

“I admit she’s so cool!”

The best proof that you’ve truly gone viral: people watching your videos on public transportation:

Since going viral, Rahmawati Kekeyi has also received support from big name beauty vloggers and influencers like Jovi Adhiguna. He commented on her go-to casual daily makeup for teens by saying, “Her passion and the way she talks makes me happy! Like a reminder of why I starting my Youtube channel in the 1st place.” Tasya Farasya posted her videos on her Instagram Story. Indonesian celebrity Nagita Slavina even sent her a video, posted on Rahmawati’s currently private Instagram, inviting her to come to Jakarta and collaborate!

Everyone experiences a different journey towards embracing their own beauty, flaws and all. Rahmawati Kekeyi’s videos show that you don’t have to be from big cities to create beauty tutorial videos. Beauty should be inclusive: people of all genders, with different skin tones, from diverse backgrounds etc need to be represented by mainstream media. Now please, someone help her setting up Adsense for her Youtube ads! We’re rooting for you, Rahmawati Kekeyi Putri Cantikka!

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