Syahrini’s ‘hater’ faces 12 years in prison over post suggesting singer appeared in sex tape

Indonesian diva Syahrini. Photo: Instagram/princessyahrini
Indonesian diva Syahrini. Photo: Instagram/princessyahrini

Extreme fanaticism has landed a woman in jail after she was sued for defaming her idol’s supposed nemesis, Indonesian diva Syahrini.

Today, the Jakarta Metro Police announced the arrest of a woman from Kediri, East Java who goes by the initials MS. According to the police, MS is the owner of an Instagram account which recently posted a pornographic video featuring a woman who looked like Syahrini. In the post, MS indicated that the woman in the video is the diva.

Syahrini reported the account to the Jakarta Metro Police on May 19, resulting in MS’ arrest.

“[MS’] motive was that she is the fan of a public figure who happens to have had a problem with Syahrini in the past. According to [MS], she hates Syahrini because she stole [her idol’s] man,” Jakarta Metro Police spokesman Yusri Yunus said in a press conference today.

While Yusri did not reveal who MS stans, thanks to our admittedly limited knowledge of Indonesian tabloid gossip it’s hard to imagine her idol to be anyone but actress Luna Maya, who used to date Syahrini’s husband, entrepreneur-turned-celebrity Reino Barack.

The police also apprehended a woman in Sumatra who was thought to be behind another Instagram account that posted the video. However, she was released after having proved that she sold the account in 2019, with the new owner suspected to be in Bali.

MS has been charged with defamation and pornography under the Information and Electronic Transactions Act (UU ITE), for which she may face up to 12 years in prison if convicted.

Creating and spreading pornography is a serious crime in Indonesia, though the law has been criticized for being ambiguous in terms of defining the victims and perpetrators. Perhaps the biggest sex scandal the country has ever seen was that of Noah frontman Nazril Irham (better known as Ariel), who was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for appearing in sex tapes with actresses Luna Maya (yes, the same one) and Cut Tari (even through there was no evidence that Ariel was the one who spread the videos online).

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