Smirnoff revs up nocturnal vibes with locally inspired drinks and EDM beats in Jakarta


What happens when you mix a beloved vodka brand with local ingredients, add some EDM vibes, and infuse it with Indonesian culture? A damn good time — because that’s what’s in store with SMIRNOFF’S MIX IT UP campaign.

MIX IT UP brings the best elements of Smirnoff’s “three times filtered, ten times distilled” spirit, body-moving EDM beats, signature cocktails served up by world-class bartenders and an infusion of local culture across Indonesia’s five popular locations: Jakarta, Bali, Medan, Jawa Timur (Surabaya and Malang), and Jawa Tengah (Yogyakarta and Semarang).

You know you can’t get drinks flowing without decent tunes — it’s precisely why SMIRNOFF is collaborating with Indonesia’s top beat makers: Jevin Julian, Putri Una, Osvaldorio, Kartika Ayu, and Weird Genius (a genius move we must admit).

If the headlining DJs aren’t special enough, this series of events is seriously going to mix it up because each of the five destinations will feature special cocktails curated by Diageo World Class 2014 winner and elite mixologist Arey Barker — totaling five wicked new drinks across the country.

Jakarta is about to get its Jakarta Mix treatment as Jevin Julian delivers his signature rhythm and beats, but we’re stoked about what we’ll be drinking. The special cocktail captures the city’s bustling vibe and sounds of bajaj paired all mixed with an ice-cold popsicle at the core of the drink. Funky!

Bali (who could ever forget this beautiful destination?) is about to get the mashup it deserves from DJ Kartika Ayu who’s combining the magic of gamelan music with a tropical blend of Smirnoff, lemon, and pineapple juices (not your typical Pina Colada, guys).

Osvaldorio, a DJ whose look is a cool as a cucumber, packs the clubs of Jawa Tengah with his own wayang-inspired jams. And if you wonder what drinks should reflect this region’s local roots? SMIRNOFF presents its own take on the classic Screwdriver (for any innocents out there, that’s vodka and orange juice) with the addition of turmeric (hmm…interesting).

Jawa Timur, be prepared for EDM trio Weird Genius who’ll be playing their dancefloor-pleasing mix tracks — complemented by a refreshing pairing between Smirnoff and Malang’s green apples.

DJ Putri Una’s scheduled to drop her mix Sinanggar Tulo in Medan while partygoers clink glasses of signature SMIRNOFF Skyball with a touch of Indonesian coffee liqueur. It’s a sin not to indulge in some of Medan’s coffee, after all.

Get ready to celebrate local Indonesian culture with delicious cocktails that match each region’s vibes, while dancing to sick beats all night with SMIRNOFF MIX IT UP. To find out where and when SMIRNOFF mixes it up, simply follow @smirnoff_id on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to enjoy it responsibly, folks!

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