Musician Marcello Tahitoe AKA Ello, who has ‘4:20’ tattoo on forearm, arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession

Photo: Instagram/@marcello_tahitoe

The South Jakarta Police have made another major drug arrest involving a celebrity following the detainment of actor Tora Sudiro for illegal possession of a prescription drug, this time arresting musician Marcello Tahitoe, more popularly known as Ello.

The arrest of the 34-year-old, which reportedly took place on August 6, was confirmed today by the Jakarta Metro Police.

“He (Ello) was arrested. There’s indication of marijuana (possession),” said Jakarta Metro Police Spokesman Argo Yuwono, as quoted by Detik today.

The police confirmed that Ello was caught in possession of one package containing marijuana, though the exact amount was not revealed.

Trafficking of marijuana – legally categorized alongside the most harmful narcotics such as cocaine and heroin – can earn convicts sentences ranging up to life in prison or even the death penalty in Indonesia.

Prior to this arrest, Ello had no criminal record.

Ello, who has produced multiple hit singles and albums in Indonesia, sports a ‘4:20′ tattoo on his forearm, a code term in cannabis culture referring to the ideal time to smoke weed in the afternoon.

Ello is the latest celebrity to be arrested on suspicion of drug use or possession recently. Before his and Tora Sudiro’s arrests, five other celebrities have been arrested so far this year.

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