IT Ministry to investigate popular Indonesian gaming Youtuber Kimi Hime over alleged ‘vulgar content’

Screenshot from a Kimi Hime video. (Youtube/Kimi Hime)
Screenshot from a Kimi Hime video. (Youtube/Kimi Hime)

A popular Indonesian gaming Youtuber has become a subject of discussion in the country’s House of Parliament (DPR) over the way she dresses.

Kimi Hime (real name Kimberly Khoe), a 29-year-old “Gaming and Tech Influencer” who has 2.2 million subscribers on Youtube, is well known for showing off her curves in her videos, which often have misleading titles filled with sexual innuendo.

That was reportedly the reasons why her name was brought up in a meeting between Indonesia’s IT Ministry (Kominfo) and Commission I of the DPR on Monday.

During the meeting, the legislators brought up that they had received reports from the Indonesian Broadcast Watch Association (APPI) about Kimi regarding the “vulgar content” in her videos. Based on APPI’s recommendation, the commission requested that Kominfo investigate the allegation.

Kominfo says they plan to summon Kimi for a discussion about her content but they say the Youtuber has yet to respond.

“We have sent a DM [on Instagram] and an email to Kimi Hime. But there is no response yet. We just got her phone number this afternoon but there is also no response,” Kominfo spokesman Ferdinandus Setu told reporters on Monday, as quoted by CNN Indonesia

Ferdinandus further explained that APPI requested that Kominfo block Kimi’s videos because they deem them to be borderline pornographic. APPI says that most of her subscribers are underage children. 

But Kominfo says it can’t do much to censor Kimi’s videos since they aren’t explicitly pornographic.

“For now, we can only remind [Kimi] to reduce [the wearing of revealing clothes], we won’t block her channel,” Ferdinandus said.

Kimi has become one of Indonesia’s most popular gaming Youtubers, which is impressive considering she only started uploading videos in early 2017. In her earlier videos, up to about a year ago, Kimi mostly appeared wearing relatively modest clothes like T-shirts or blouses.

In her most recent videos, Kimi switched her style and to accentuate her curves. She also filled the titles of many of her videos with sexual innuendo, such as, “Gilaaa! Goyangnya Keras Banget Sampe Gempa (Crazyyy! It’s rocking so hard it feels like earthquake)” and “Getarannya Kencang Banget Auto Croot!! (The vibration is so hard, auto burst!!). That said, most of her videos only contain Kimi playing video games and there are no explicit depictions of sex or nudity.

Kimi isn’t the first Indonesian influencer to be reported to the authorities for vulgarity. In 2016, the Child Protection Commission (KPAI) reported social media stars Karin Novilda AKA Awkarin and Anya Geraldine for their supposed “vulgar content”, such as wearing revealing clothes in their Instagram posts, to Kominfo. Karin ended up meeting with the members of KPAI and Kominfo, after which they came to an agreement that her posts would include more “positive elements” in the future (which didn’t last long).

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