Interactive digital art installation teamLab Future Park opens in Jakarta today

Two of the interactive art installations that will be featured in ‘teamLab Future Park’ Jakarta. Photo: Instagram/@futureparkjakarta
Two of the interactive art installations that will be featured in ‘teamLab Future Park’ Jakarta. Photo: Instagram/@futureparkjakarta

This one’s for your Instagram feed: teamLab Future Park, an interactive digital art installation from Tokyo, is opening in Jakarta today. To give you an idea of the incandescent light shows that will be on offer, take a look at the original exhibition in Japan:

If you’ve got an acute case of FOMO, teamLab Future Park is open starting today and will remain open until December 20 at Gandaria City mall. Just like in Tokyo, the exhibition combines technology and art to give a sense of what form art could take in the future.

Located on the second floor of Gandaria City in a 2,000 square meter area, the exhibition will feature five interactive installation artworks.

In the first installation, Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives, visitors can stroke various digital renderings of animals on the screen, causing flowers to grow on their bodies. In what might be the exhibition with the largest room, Grafitti Nature: Lost, Immersed and Reborn, you can see living creatures being eaten by other living creatures, creating a sustainable ecosystem.

In the next interactive exhibition, Sliding through the Fruit Field, visitors can play on a large slide just like the name suggests. In Sketch Aquarium, visitors can draw sea creatures using their own imaginations, and their creations will be shown in a large digital aquarium. In what is probably the most Instagram-friendly installation, Light Ball Orchestra, visitors are encouraged to roll luminescent balls and see their colors and sounds change when touched.

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Bring along the kids as teamLab Future Park Jakarta is a child-friendly exhibition. For more information and tickets, check out the Instagram post below or visit the organizer’s official website here.

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