Indonesian singer Ifan Seventeen and female friend reported to police for adultery by her former husband

Former frontman of the now-defunct Indonesian pop band Seventeen, Riefian Fajarsyah AKA Ifan Seventeen. Photo: Instagram/@ifanseventeen
Former frontman of the now-defunct Indonesian pop band Seventeen, Riefian Fajarsyah AKA Ifan Seventeen. Photo: Instagram/@ifanseventeen

Indonesian singer Riefian Fajarsyah, better known as Ifan Seventeen, has been reported to the police for adultery by his old friend’s former husband.

The former frontman of the now-defunct pop band Seventeen was caught with a woman named Citra Monica when officers raided her apartment. While the date of the raid is not yet known, video of the incident has gone viral since early this week and been shared on numerous gossip accounts on social media.

In the video, several male officers can be seen entering Citra’s apartment unit while she asks them not to use their cameras. Irfan is seen wearing short pants and being told by an officer to sit down. The raid video can be seen in the third and fourth slide of the post below:

Citra released a video statement in her defense, saying that her former husband, Adit, had repudiated her (talaq in Islamic law) since 2015, but they have not yet legally separated. She also clarified that the raid occurred at 10pm — not midnight as widely reported before —  and Adit was present along with the police officers.

Citra goes on to say that there was another friend at the apartment at the time the raid occurred, and her mother was on her way over as well. She also claimed that Ifan was about to wear his sarung to do his salat (Islamic prayer) when the officers entered. She also apologized to Ifan for getting him entangled in her case while he was just a guest at her house.

Ifan backed up Citra’s story, telling the media that they had been his friends since high school and that he was only at her apartment to do his salat.

On June 1, both Citra and Ifan reported to police by Adit on suspicion of violating Indonesia’s rarely used law against adultery, using the results of the raid as his evidence. Indonesian law only allows individuals to report their spouses for adultery.

Adit’s report was confirmed by the head of Bandung Police’s Women and Children Protection Unit, First Police Inspector Tuti.

“Regarding the evidence, we have received their marriage certificate and we are still processing the case. We have also done a forensic examination, and we’re still waiting for the result in order to continue our investigation,” Tuti said yesterday, as quoted by Detik.

Ifan is currently single, after losing his wife and band mates in the Sunda Strait tsunami in December of last year. According to Tuti, Citra hasn’t finalized her divorce with Adit but it is currently being processed.

We can’t help but recalling a similar raid conducted by local celebrity Vicky Prasetyo (and TV crews) on his now former wife, Angel Lelga. Seemingly acting out of jealousy, both Vicky and Adit successfully shamed their respective former spouses in the eyes of the public.

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Adultery, in the sense of a married person cheating on their spouse, has actually long been illegal in Indonesia, but only spouses are legally allowed to report it to the police.

Under Article 284 of the Criminal Code (KUHP), those convicted of adultery under these circumstances may be punished by up to nine months in prison.

In February of last year, lawmakers from the parliament (DPR) and the government agreed to some controversial changes to the law that would make all sex outside of marriage, as well as cohabitation of non-married couples, potentially illegal as part of a major revision to the country’s Criminal Code (RKUHP). However, that bill, with those specific stipulations, has yet to gain enough support for passage until now.

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