Angelina Jolie, ​Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and many more arrested by Indonesian police (in hilarious Photoshop art project)!

How long do you reckon Justin Bieber could last in Jakarta’s maximum security Cipinang Penitentiary? 

That and many other important questions about celebrity, privilege and the criminal justice system are raised by another brilliant set of Photoshop masterpieces by graphic designer Agan Harahap, titled “And Justice For All.”

If you have the Internet and live in Indonesia, it is quite likely you saw Agan’s previous Photoshop project, “Visit Indonesia 2014,” in which a number of western celebrities were inserted into typical Indonesian situations. “And Justice For All” is just as hilarious, but it adds another level of social critique to the proceedings. 

The absurdity of seeing Kim Kardashian in the back of an Indonesian police truck or of Rihanna being busted from trying to smuggle liquor into the country is that the rich and powerful so rarely get arrested for wrongdoing anywhere but especially in Indonesia, where their wealth and privilege shields them from such indignities. 

Or, as Agan states it his own description of the project, “When celebrities are treated like Indonesian common people.”

Agan has definitely elevated Photoshop editing into an artform – his work been shown at many local and international art festivals. We love his Indonesian stuff, of course, but another one of our favorites from him is his “Superhistory” project in which he placed superheroes into various historical situations. 

Credit to Agan Harap for all of the photos in this article. You can check out more photos from these projects as well as the rest of of Agan Harahap’s amazing Photoshop work on his Behance page  and his DeviantArt page.

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