AIDS prevention agency tallies 5,791 gay men in Depok, says they “lurk in public bathrooms”

While many of the world’s societies have become more tolerant in regards to sexual orientation, many here in Indonesia still refuse to accept that homosexuals are regular people just like everyone else.

Unfortunately, those close-minded people are often in control of government agencies, agencies that handle serious issue facing the LGBT community like AIDS prevention. Recently, the AIDS Prevention Agency (KPA) in Depok announced that they had “tallied” 5,791 gays men living in Depok (because apparently your sexual orientation depends on what the government classifies you as). It also turns out they’ve been keeping tabs on gays in the city for some time.

“This figure (5,791) is an increase from 2014, when we recorded 4,932 gays,” said KPA Depok Secretary Herry Kuntowo, as quoted by Vivanews today.

Herry went on to warn that gays in Depok have formed their own communities, and that they often hang out in shopping centers and look for ‘prey’ in public bathrooms.

“It’s hard to detect their communities, they’re closed. But the signs can be recognized. They often lurk in [public] bathrooms. So if he (a gay man) peeks at our genitalia while we’re peeing, that must be questioned,” he said.

What an ignorant, homophobic dick.

But the homophobia doesn’t end there; The KPA is apparently taking steps to ‘cure’ homosexuality in Depok.

“We’ll round them up so we can change their ways,” Herry said, before adding that the KPA would also educate gays on the practices of safe sex to prevent the spread of disease.

We’re certain that there must be more homosexuals in Depok than what the KPA has reported. But if they don’t want to come out because they don’t want to be treated like subhuman deviants, we don’t blame them.

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