Viral: This Jakarta restaurant’s all-you-can-eat promo is the answer to your wildest nasi Padang dreams

Photo: Instagram/@anakjajan & @indahjayaminangpuri
Photo: Instagram/@anakjajan & @indahjayaminangpuri

Can you ever get enough of nasi Padang? Have you ever dreamt of rendang or ayam pop flowing non-stop into your plate?

Fret not, for all you can eat nasi Padang is finally here (how is it that nobody thought of the idea before?). A Minang restaurant in West Jakarta, Indah Jaya Minang Puri, might have been around for some time now, but they just are enjoying newfound internet fame after a tweet about their all-you-can-eat menu went viral recently.

There are two packages you can choose from: IDR119,000 (US$8.37) for every dish you would get at a Padang joint; and IDR74,900 for the “economic” package that doesn’t include fried chicken, ayam pop, rendang, gulai otak, and sambal petai among others (i.e. what we would call the “pointless package”).

“The promo is limited, because we’re holding it to welcome the fasting month (Ramadan) and to introduce our newest branch in Puri, which just opened six months ago,” Indah Minang Jaya restaurant supervisor Doni Mulyana told Okezone yesterday.

The idea of all-you-can-eat nasi Padang was generally well received by Indonesian netizens, though some are well aware of the risks that copious amounts of sodium/carbs/fat pose to the human body.

“Opt for the IDR119,000 package, go home with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gout, doctor’s fee and meds costing IDR500 thousand.”

According to the promotional poster, the promo will run from April 1-15 from 11 am to 3 pm for dine-in only. There’s a minimum of 4 diners per table and one person is only allowed to order the same menu up to five times excluding drinks, kerupuk, sambal merah and sambal hijau (red sambal and green sambal, respectively). You have to be able to finish your orders in 60 minutes, or you’ll be charged IDR50,000 for every 100 grams of food left over.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to nosh to your nasi Padang-loving heart’s content, head over to Indah Jaya Minang Puri, Jl. Taman Aries Raya No. 3A, Meruya, West Jakarta. Don’t forget to follow their Instagram to qualify for the promo.

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