Video: American Comedy Team Explores Wonders of Indonesian Cuisine

The Fung Brothers are a comedy duo consisting of Chinese-American brothers Andrew and David Fung. Along with their friends, the siblings have made almost 150 videos offering their own comedic spins on Asian-related topics ranging from “Things Asian Parents Do” to “Things Asian Girls Hate.” Many of their videos have racked up over a million views. 

Food is a favorite subject of the Fung Brother’s videos, and in their latest they explore the wonders of Indonesian food, enthusiastically calling it “Asia’s best kept secret!” In the video they feast on such exotic delicacies as soda gembira, pempek telor and gado-gado. They definitely get points for enthusiasm, but we might have to deduct a few for pronunciation (they keep pronouncing nasi bungkus as nasi bung-kiss, which is… unfortunate). 




The Fung Brothers also made a video exploring “5 ways to eat IndoMie Mie Goreng,” some of which might surprise you. Check out that video below.




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