Nasi padang wraps sold by newly-opened Jakarta joint spark debate on social media

Nasi padang ‘burrito’ by a newly-opened Jakarta joint Minang InWrap. Photo: Instagram/@minang.inwrap
Nasi padang ‘burrito’ by a newly-opened Jakarta joint Minang InWrap. Photo: Instagram/@minang.inwrap

Nasi Padang, one of Indonesia’s and Jakarta’s favorite comfort foods, is as ubiquitous in the capital as it is downright amazing. It’s also technically fast food, especially on the go, as the rice is served wrapped in paper and/or banana leaf along with whatever main from the plethora of spicy delicious options on offer.

But now, there’s a new nasi Padang fusion eatery in town, and it’s a concept some Indonesians may have difficulty wrapping their heads around.

That dish would be the nasi Padang wrap, which has gained viral fame (or infamy) recently for marrying the Minang dish with the convenience of wrapping one’s food in thin flatbread. It’s basically a burrito with Padangnese flavors, and netizens can’t decide if it’s genius or insane.



The nasi Padang wrap is the brainchild and specialty of Minang InWrap, who have been in business since late last year. We spoke to Minang InWrap co-owner Derri, who shared with us the inspiration behind the fusion dish.

“Back in the day, people didn’t think about eating bread with meat and vegetables, and it was initially seen as weird. But if people try [our wraps], we hope they’ll like it because we make the wraps a la fast food so they can enjoy nasi Padang more easily,” Derri said.

Derri acknowledged that resistance from nasi Padang traditionalists was inevitable.

“Because we’re not active on Twitter, we were told by our friends about the negative and positive comments [about our nasi padang wraps]. It’s enough for us to know [about the mixed responses]. It had such an impact on us in regards to sales and public interest, but I’m sure the ones who tweeted negatively about us haven’t tried Minang InWrap,” Derri said.

For the more open-minded nasi Padang lovers out there, you can order Minang InWrap via Go-Food, GrabFood, or Whatsapp. They serve four variations of the wrap at IDR30,000 (US$2.10) each, namely dendeng balado (beef jerky smothered with chili paste), ayam gulai (chicken coconut milk curry), rendang (beef slow cooked in coconut milk and a numerous array of spices), and mixed wrap (rendang and ayam gulai). 

Then again, if you’re a nasi Padang traditionalist (and we wouldn’t blame you), you can check out our list of the best Padang restaurants in Jakarta, where they serve food the old-fashioned way.

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