A Guide to the Best Cheap Restaurants in Jakarta with Dishes under Rp 50,000!

The only thing better than eating a delicious meal is eating a delicious meal that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet. Although there are a crazy number of cheap restaurants in Jakarta, only a few are universally beloved by foodies and bargain-hunters alike.

So to make this list, we decided to highlight restaurants:
A. That have an average rating of 4 out of 5 or above from user reviews sites such as Zomato, Google and Tripadvisor
B. That have main course dishes priced Rp 50,000 or below (much less in some cases)

Selamat makan!

Ya-Udah Bistro


A Jakarta legend since it first opened on backpacker street Jalan Jaksa, Ya Udah is famous for serving up consistently tasty Western fare, mostly of the German variety, including plenty of excellent pork dishes (the piccata is my personal favorite). Although most of their main dishes have crept up into the Rp 60k-80k territory (which is still quite reasonable for their size and quality) you can still get the good ol’ Dutch trucker breakfast favorite strammer max, consisting of two eggs and toast on a buttered piece of toast and German fries on the side for just Rp 49.5k.

Jl. Johar No. 15, Menteng [MAP] +62 21 3140343. For more info.

Soto Betawi H. Husein


Its 4.3/5 rating on Zomato and 4.4/5 rating on Google prove this is one of the best places in all of Jakarta to get one of the capital’s most iconic dishes. Soto Betawi H. Husein serves a deeply flavorful version of the savory beef soup, rich with coconut milk and just the right blend of spices. Sink your teeth into some tasty tender offal like lungs (paru), or if you’re squeamish just stick to the “soto daging” (Rp 21k) with regular cuts of beef. Get here before noon or be prepared to wait for a table.

Jl. Padang Panjang No 6B – 6C, Manggarai [MAP]  +62 21 83706476. For more info.

Bakso Akiaw

Bakso ikan nya special bangettt, krenyes…krenyesss…

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This place is an open air hole-in-the-wall that has harsh fluorescent lights, cramped seating and no AC – but it is almost always packed. That, and Bakso Akiaw’s very impressive 4.7/5 rating on both Zomato and Google and 4/5 rating on Tripadvisor are a testament to how much people love this place. Not a fan of bakso you say? Then you’ve never tried Akiaw’s meatballs. Tender and beefy, they have legions of fans who also love the moreish beef slices that they serve here. Each bowl of their bakso soup, which you can get with either regular noodles, kwetiaw or bihun, is a wonderful balance of salty and sweet (don’t forget the cilantro)  that people swear by and keep coming back for over and over again. Depending on what you pick, your meal should be a little over Rp 40k plus drink.

Jalan Mangga Besar Raya No. 2B, Kec. Tamansari, Maphar, Tamansari, [MAP] +62 21 6291419. For more info.

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Bakmi Karet Foek

Noodle lovers in Jakarta constantly debate about where to find the very best mie ayam in town, but Bakmi Karet Foek, with a 4 out of 5 on Tripadvisor and a 4.3 on Zomato, is certainly one of the top contenders. For one thing, it has some of the best bakmi karet (“rubber” noodles) in the business – thick, chewy and satisfying. They also make some delicious dumplings, both the popular pangsit and the rarer suikiaw. Their most expensive dish – a bowl of the bakmi ayam with a side bowl of suikiaw – will only set you back Rp 21,500. They also serve pork.

Jl. Gading Elok Barat 3 Blok CF1 No. 1, Kelapa Gading [MAP021 4522473. For more info.

Marugame Udon

We know this is a bit of a controversial choice since they’ve been in the news recently for allegedly using expired ingredients, but that doesn’t seem to have any serious impact on Marugame Udon’s user ratings, which are high among all of its many locations throughout Jakarta. This Japanese chain specializes in serving up thick, chewy udon noodles in a variety of styles along with plenty of deep fried tempura treats. The basic kamaage udon (Rp 34k), served with a warm dashi based broth, is pure Japanese comfort food (even better with the egg upgrade), but be sure to also try their chilled zaru sabu (also Rp 34k), served with a dipping sauce to which you can add zingy ginger and sinus-clearing wasabi, which makes for a perfectly refreshing light meal on a hot Jakarta day.

Outlets throughout Jakarta


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Mie Aceh Seulawah

There are many fine Achenese restaurants in Jakarta but this little hole in the wall on Bendungan Hilir has stood the test of time. It has a few franchised outlets across town but the original is far superior. Their mie aceh special (Rp 32k) is loaded with beef, shrimp and plenty of spices – with just enough heat to make it totally addictive. If you need more, their crispy roti canai with curry soup (Rp 16k) is heart-stoppingly good. Be sure to order the sambal ganja (Rp 12k) if they have it – it might not be what you’re hoping, for but it’s delicious nonetheless. Wash down all that heavily spiced goodness down with a cup of their creamy teh tarik (Rp 15k).

Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 8, Bendungan Hilir. [MAP] +62 21 5708660. For more info.



There’s been an explosion in ramen restaurants in Jakarta the last few years and many are imports from Japan that sell pricey bowls of gourmet noodles. Seirock-Ya is also a Japanese ramen brand, but their noodle soups comes in at the lower end of the price range, with a bowl of their signature tori paitan ramen shoyu, featuring a rich soy-based chicken broth, coming in at just Rp 49k (note: they only serve halal ramen). Despite the relatively low price, their ramen is among the highest rated in the city, with the Radio Dalam outlet earning a 4.6/5 on Zomato and a 4.5 on Google.

Outlets in Radio Dalam, Serpong and Cipinang Besar.

FYI: Ikkudo Ichi and Hakata Ikkousha are two other another excellent highly-rated ramen chains that aren’t too pricey. 

Nasi Campur Kenanga


Not to be confused with Nasi Campur Putri Kenanga, the chain which can be found in many mall food courts and is… not as good, the Nasi Campur Kenanga in Dharmawangsa’s Grand Wijaya Center is one of the best places to get nasi campur babi (pork mixed rice) in all of South Jakarta. For Rp 48k you get a plate of rice surrounded by porky goodness, including sate babi, roast pork, pork sausage and crispy pork belly.

Grand Wijaya Center, Jl. Wijaya 2, Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta. [MAP] 021 7210404. For more info

FYI: The Kaca Mata chain also serves up a great reasonably plate of nasi campur babi.

Warung Bu Kris


Plenty of warungs around town will get you a great meal for cheap, but Warung Bu Kris, a chain from Surabaya, consistently serves up some of the best spicy penyet dishes in town, especially their ayam penyet (Rp 18k) featuring fried chicken smothered in their utterly addictive chili sauce.

Outlets in Fatmawati, Serpong, Muraya and Kelapa Gading

Toodz House


This charming little cafe in Cipete is not only known for its cheap and tasty food but also for being a great hangout spot. It is often packed, so if you’re planning on heading there with some friends be sure to make a reservation ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Their most famous dish is the chicken carbonara rice (Rp 38.5k) but they have a variety of east-west comfort food, most for under Rp 50k. Great coffee too!

Jalan Cipete Raya No. 79, RT. 7/4, Cipete Selatan, Cilandak [MAP] +62 21 759 04015 For more info.

This list is a good start but obviously isn’t totally exhaustive, so if there are any other cheap and tasty restaurants you think belong on this list, be sure to tell us and your fellow readers in the comments below!

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