7 of the most sinfully decadent french fry dishes in Jakarta

The Tex Mex Fries at Gonzo’s Mexican Grill in Lotte Shopping Avenue are nacho average fries.

Shh. Don’t fight it. You want to pig out on some french fries once in a while. It’s okay, you’re only human. So if you’re going to eat french fries, don’t be half-assed about it. Go for broke with one of these devastatingly delicious dishes. You can always go to the gym… tomorrow.

Melted cheese rendang fries at Hummingbird Eatery

I’m not always a fan of fusion Indonesian dishes (I don’t think I’ve ever had a great rendang pizza) but the rendang fries (Rp 49.5k) at Hummingbird Eatery in Kuningan City made me a believer. They don’t skimp on the bumbu rendang to give these fries a fiery kick and the gooey melted cheese makes for a perfect counterpoint. Zomato page.

Bacon and cheese fries at Baconerie

Topping french fries with both cheese and pork bacon is already about as sinful as you can get, but beloved Kemang cafe Baconerie really leans into it with their extremely generous heaping of crispy homemade bacon bits (to be fair, it is Rp 100k). They’re freakin’ delicious, but force yourself to share them as many people as possible. Zomato page.

Tex-Mex Fries at Gonzo Mexican Grill

Nacho ordinary french fries. At the hidden Mexican gem that is Gonzo’s in Lotte Shopping Avenue, you can sinfully sub out the already tasty tortilla chips with these spice-dusted Tex Mex fries (Rp 49k) topped with all the essential nacho fixings like ground beef, tomatoes, sour cream and, of course, nacho cheese – ay caramba! Zomato page.

Naughty fries at Three Buns


Three Buns bodacious burgers are considered amongst the best in Jakarta but they serve up some superior double-cooked spuds as well. If you feel like doubling down on the decadence go for their Naughty Fries (Rp 55k), which come topped with spiced bearnaise sauce, beef chili, crisp shallots, and parmesan. Website.

Hi Fries



A mainstay at pop up markets, Hi Fries proved so popular that it now has several permanent stands in places like Mal Kelapa Gading and Mal Ambassador where they sling their sinful signature fries (Rp 25k) with creative toppings like garlic cream, seaweed and bolognese sauce. Their new “fire fries” seem especially spicy.  Zomato page.

Poutine at Nosh Kitchen


Comfort food specialist Nosh Kitchen in Citywalk Sudirman serves up a wide variety of feel-good favorites, but their take on poutine (Rp 45k) is seriously over-the-top. A rich house gravy, mozzarella cheese and a fried egg (!) all on top of a pile of crunchy french fried goodness? Some people may call it a heart attack waiting to happen, I call it a breakfast of champions. Zomato page.

Patate at Goedkoop


This humble cafe on Benhil makes some great coffee, but I never would’ve guessed they made such perfect french fries. But then, Goedkoop is a Dutch-style cafe and the Dutch know how to make some damn good “patate” (a trick they learned from Belgium, to be fair). Goedkoop must use the ol’ European double-fry technique to give their thick cut chips a satisfying crisp crusty exterior while maintaining their fluffy potato-y goodness in the center. Plus they come not just with the requisite mayonnaise but a choice of three: cajun, pesto and joppie wannabe (a kind of curried mayo). I might even say these are the best straight-up french fries in Jakarta, and they’re only Rp 20-25k.  Facebook page.

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