Woman attacks driving test examiner after failing license test in Aberdeen

Some people are bad at driving, others bad at dealing with failure. A few are bad at both.

In the latest case of its kind in Hong Kong, a 45-year-old woman has been charged with assault for attacking a driving test examiner at the Hong Kong School of Motoring in Aberdeen after learning she did not get a passing grade, according to HK01.

The woman, reported the outlet, lashed out after failing the test on Wednesday, striking the male instructor with her phone, a reaction probably not suggestive of the calm demeanour one looks for in a safe driver.

The blows left the man with injuries to his arm, which required treatment at hospital, while police arrested the woman. The case is being followed up by officers from Aberdeen Police station.

The incident follows a similar case in July, when a man assaulted a driving examiner in Causeway Bay after failing his driver’s test multiple times.

And, for at least one man a few years back, bribery took the place of intimidation, when he offered cash to the instructor to pass his examination. Unfortunately for him, the examiner wasn’t swayed by his HK$500 (US$63) offer.

Perhaps some of the frustration with driving license failure can be attributed to the long waiting times for taking the test.

Because of the large number of applications, it can take up to 248 days to sit for the exam, according to the data from Hong Kong Transport Department.

The evaluation criteria, also, has become more strict in the past two years, with the pass rate dropping to 25 percent.

A spokesperson from the Transport Department urged people who doubted the results of their rest to apply for it to be reassessed rather than resort to violence.

Probably sound advice.

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