Unssssolicited Visitor: 6-meter-long king cobra drops by Thai woman’s home (VIDEO)

Screenshot: Youtube/ Nopparat Chotikasemkul
Screenshot: Youtube/ Nopparat Chotikasemkul

What are some of the most terrifying things a person can discover in their home?

We rank snakes pretty high. We rank gigantic, Jurassic Park-level snakes even higher.

So when a 6-meter-long king cobra decided to make a house call on a 23-year-old woman in her Southern Thailand home yesterday, we immediately identified with her plan of action: run.

Rubber plantation worker Nunta Duangleang said she was sitting and chatting with a group of friends at her house in Trang province’s Sikao District when the unsolicited visitor appeared and quickly broke up the party.

Nunta said the snake — the biggest she’d ever seen in her life — flared its hood, sending the terrified group running off in different directions, reported Khaosod.

Apparently unphased by the unwarm welcome, the cobra then slid into Nunta’s house and tucked its robust 20 kilogram body between the cushions of her couch.  

That was when the homeowner called in the experts — the Wang Wiset Rescue Unit.

Sawai Keaowjeu, leader of the unit, said it was the biggest snake his team has ever handled.

It reportedly took about 20 minutes to capture the cobra and bring it outside the house to release it back to its natural habitat.

By that time, of course, several superstitious locals had flocked up to the scene to see if there were any “lucky numbers” they could infer from the incident in order to buy lottery tickets.

Regular Coconuts readers probably could have predicted that, as there is an ancient Thai belief that receiving a visit from a snake means a huge fortune is coming. You can check out some of our favorite snake encounter stories below.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly said that the snake was 9 meters. The snake is 6 meters long. 

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