Python emerges from toilet to bite homeowner’s penis

Today, a man in Chachoengsao province woke up and performed his usual bowel movement on the toilet. At the five-minute mark, the episode took a surprising turn when a python emerged from the toilet water and bit him in the penis.

Atthaporn Boonmarkchuai, 38, said he had to pull himself together when a 3.5-meter python suddenly appeared between his legs and sank its fangs into the tip of his penis at approximately 6:30am.

Atthaporn yelled out for his wife, who then sought help from the neighbors to free her husband’s private part from the unexpected snake attack, Bangpakong News reported.

He lost a lot of blood and was sent to the hospital for surgery.

Speaking to the press this afternoon, Attaporn said he made sure there was nothing in the toilet before he sat on it and that the incident was absolutely unexpected.

Banhpakong News noted that Attaporn was happy to go public with his story so that all men can learn a lesson from his mishap.

Photo: Bangpakong News

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One thought on “Python emerges from toilet to bite homeowner’s penis

  1. I love the big smile of the medical personnel beside the bed of the patient. Are they laughing at him? Or is it just another of this mysterious Thai smile?

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