Slithering Surprise: Giant snake suddenly emerges onto woman’s windshield in middle of Bangkok traffic (VIDEO)

Photo: Patcharaporn Sutigoonchol/ Facebook
Photo: Patcharaporn Sutigoonchol/ Facebook

People across Thailand are shreking along to a Bangkok driver’s video that captured the moment a large python slithered across her windshield.

The petrifying car dash camera footage by Facebook user Patcharaporn Sutigoonchol — depicting her sudden serpentine encounter on Sukhumvit 24 in Prom Phrong area — is going viral today.

Patcharaporn told Thairath that she was driving back home from Thonglor at around 1am last Friday when she noticed several motorcycle drivers and passengers pointing at her car, like they were trying to tell her something, during a red light.

Since her slithery stowaway was coming from the bottom left side of her car outside of her peripheral vision, however, she just brushed it off and assumed they were criticizing her driving manners.

A little after the light turned green, however, the python casually slithered across her windshield, unannounced — to the screams of the horrified Patcharaporn.

The video shows that the terrified driver just stopped her car in front of a hotel as she continued to scream in panic. (Editor’s Note: We’d rather die.)

Though snake sightings are certainly not uncommon in Thailand, Coconuts cannot recall an instance of one slithering across a moving vehicle, in the middle of Bangkok traffic, and on Sukhumvit no less.

Patcharaporn told local reporters that when she dialed 191, the police emergency hotline, the operator asked if she could “call another department” instead.

At the end, she beeped her horn to solicit help from the security guard of the hotel and workers at a construction site nearby.

Though its origins remains unclear, Patcharaporn believes her visitor probably emerged from a sewer drain during the red light.

There is an ancient belief in Thailand that being visited by a snake means a huge fortune is coming. Consequently, a large number of people have been asking Patcharaporn for her license plate number in order to buy lottery tickets with the same “lucky” numbers.

Hmm, wonder if that 24-hour snake-in-your-house hotline applies to moving vehicles too?   


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