Yum Guide: Your complete listing to all things Yum

Yum Fest is fast approaching and we are pleased to reveal some more details of the most fab food fest to ever hit Bangkok.

Come to The Jam Factory to taste all things delicious from every corner of Bangkok. Enjoy free entry before grabbing a drink and something to fill your belly — choose something new, like ice cream served in a corn cob, or a tried-and-true fave, like a Daniel Thaiger burger.

The weekend-long fest brings together some of the most passionate and innovative chefs in the city. We tirelessly scoured markets, food stalls, cooking blogs, and more to find a wide-ranging cross-section of the most bangin’ food in Bangkok.

The weekend-long festival will showcase street food, food trucks, restaurants, and stalls from around the city and bring together people of all ages, backgrounds and tastes that have one thing in common — a love of food.

Once you’ve gotten your first round of gorging out of the way, join one of our local food tours or have a seat and check out the live entertainment and eating contests. Before you know it, you’ll be hungry again.

All 40 booths have been spoken for and we have lined up an event emcee and two incredible bands that represent the diverse Thai musical scene. We also have several early sign-ups for the Chili Challenge and Isaan Sausage Eating Contests.

The Food

In addition to the two lists of food highlights that we already published — including heavy hitters such as Peppina, Daniel Thaiger and The Dock — we have added corn soft serve yogurt served in a real corn cob by Lick Ice Cream. Other additions include Vietnamese and More, Bamijompalung, Yogurtland, Mexicano, Papaloong Somtam, Seven Spoons, and Vivin.

Food is the star of the show at Yum Fest and we are proud to bring you the gooiest pizzas, live oysters and takoyaki. Once you’ve secured your yums, take a seat in our rural-chic chill out zone where you can grub heartily and watch the world go by.

Get your drank on with bespoke cocktails by Thanakom “Tee” Muandej of Bootleggers and The 88 Surawong using the best of local spirits mixed with the best of international tonics and syrups by Fentimans Tonics and House of Broughton Syrups.

The Sounds

All-Thidsa Molam Band are fast rising stars in the world of psychedelic Isaan folk sounds. Fresh off stellar performances at Jim Thompson Farm and Wonderfruit festival, we nabbed this genre-bending, modern molam band fronted by Arthid Khamhongsa.

What’s fresh about these performers is that they have added Western instruments — namely bass, drums, and keyboard — to the standard molam lineup of phin, saw, and kaen. They also go out of their way to perform gigs that don’t cater to the typical molam fans — many times they are performing for people that have never heard the unforgettable genre before.

All-Thidsa performs on Saturday.

Up-and-coming Thai indie band Somkiat will also take the stage at Yum to inject the event with a dose of young Thai hipness. Having performed at high-level festivals such as Big Mountain, and big parties hosted by Thai indie heavyweights like Cat Radio, they boast a huge local student following and a penchant for yelling into a megaphone and getting the whole crowd singing along.

Check out their classic Thai pop melodies laid down to driving, 90s-style power ballad rock. Even if you can’t understand the words, you’ll quickly be swaying along.

Somkiat performs on Sunday.

The Face

To impart some fun and fierceness to the proceedings is one face that drag fans around the world are fast becoming aware of: Pangina Heals. The beloved queen, who was tapped to host the current Thai version of Rupaul’s Drag Race, will be dressed to the nines and live on our stage to host the Isaan Sausage Eating Contest.

She’ll also amaze Yummers with a short performance before the contest.

We’re sure she’ll have jokes galore about balls, sausage, and eating hot meat. We can’t wait to hear every last one as our brave contestants choke down as many spicy spheres as they can handle.

The Contests

If your ears perked up at the sound of eating contests, have no fear — there is still time to sign up and everyone who attends can watch the proceedings.

For those that scoff at any dish with under five chilis, then come show off your spice-eating skills at the Somtam Chili Challenge. It gets lit on March 10 at 5:30pm. Here’s how it works: At the beginning of each round a tantalizing plate of somtam will be placed in front of each contestant. With each round the spice level will increase, and contestants will have to eat the entire serving to reach the next round. Sound hot?

For those more into quantity, Sunday’s contest might be more your speed.

Do you consider yourself a queen of eating, is the kitchen your kingdom? Do you think you can devour the yummy little balls, aka sai krok Isaan, aka Isaan Sausage? If the answer is yes, join us for this challenging contest of mind and body on March 11 at 5:30 pm for the Isaan Sausage Eating Contest. We’ll be serving up mountains of tasty little Isaan sausages and one person will win the prize.

The Tours

As part of our celebration of all things delicious, we’re partnering with Expique to offer daily tuk-tuk tours exploring the unbeatable street food of Klong San and Thonburi. Experience it all at a special price only for YUMMERS!

This is one foodie experience you won’t want to miss. Let the insiders at Expique lead the way and show you what to order and where to find it.

Hit up renowned street food stops in Khlong San Market, Thai Din Daeng, and Wongwian Yai — and hop between them by tuk-tuk. As you explore, sample a range of snacks, including some of the most famous pork satay in Bangkok, and some of the tastiest noodle dishes around. We will also test a variety of cold or herbal drinks along the way, to keep everyone cool as a coconut.

See you at Yum!


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YUM FEST BANGKOK Presented by Coconuts
The Jam Factory (Klong San)
41/1-5 Charoen Nakhon Rd.
March 10-11, 3-11pm
Free entrance
BTS Krung Thonburi

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