WATCH: Russian parkour pro ‘brilliantly’ flips on to motorbike, only to fall, twist back throttle and send scooter flipping up a wall

Parkour! Stills from @sasha_sheva_
Parkour! Stills from @sasha_sheva_

A clip of a Russian parkour pro doing a trick gone wrong has stirred up netizens, who seem to be more concerned about the welfare of the scooter involved in the stunt than anything else.

Everybody in Bali’s talking about the chick who somersaulted on to her scooter, then fell down and sent the bike flipping up a wall when she appears to have “accidentally” (and very stupidly) twisted the throttle as she went down.

We’ve got to wonder though, how much of this was staged or what her end goal even was. Was she just going to flip on and drive off? Because why even bother having the bike running during the flip stunt?

Anyway, here it is:

The video, originally posted by Russian parkour pro athlete Sahsa Sheva on Wednesday, was quickly reshared again and again, rocketing it into virality in Bali, with a little boost from Bali Terkini.

On Instagram, Sheva wrote that it was “highlight of 2017” and that it all went down when shooting a Parkour challenge.

While Sheva seems to curl up on the ground to avoid getting hit by the catapulted scooter and then lies there in wonder for a quick second, she emerges totally okay at the end of the clip. But the scooter, however, crashes down, landing on its side.

A look at the comments section and you’ll see netizens seem most concerned with damage done to the scooter—we get it, these bikes aren’t cheap and as a foreigner, she was likely renting, so yeah, sucks for the owner.

Sheva did, however, include the hashtag #wepaidforthis to try and preempt any trolls, but she still got plenty of comments like this:

ruri_ysa@bakungbalirental: @sasha_sheva_ yeah this bike rental trying to avoid renter like you by posting your video, not sure it’s a part of advertising. If I have a rental shop, won’t let someone like you to rent it, no matter if you paid the damages. It feels degrading and you need to learn how to give respect. You deserve all the judges by strangers.

gi14ngCareful: That’s expensive… that’s cost 21 million

fauzi.anitdya.w@sasha_sheva_ well as long as u pay the damage its all good.. just ignore all the butt hurts salty people 😂

But Sheva has been firing back that the bike was taken care of:

sasha_sheva_: @erwinzip stop crying, we fixed everything, it was no bad.

sasha_sheva_: @citizensmxth Of course we apologized and paid. It was not so bad


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