Volcanic ash delays and cancels Bali flights again

A farmer in Banyuwangi carries harvested produce as Mount Raung volcano emits steam and ash forcing the cancellation of flights to and from Bali. PHOTO: AFP

Just when we thought we were in the clear from Java’s Mt. Raung, the volcano’s ash has gotten more flights cancelled. 

Virgin Australia cancelled all flights in and out of Bali, while Jetstar cancelled four flights in and out of Bali and delayed two others today, reports AAP. The airlines urge travelers to check back in with them throughout the day for updates. 

The eruption and unfavorable winds have made for unsuitable flying conditions, which are expected to continue throughout Wednesday. 

Raung has been irregularly disrupting flights left and right since early July, which resulted in Bali’s airport getting shutdown several times. 

Flying through volcanic ash is not so much a visibility issue—the risk is engine failure, which airlines have not been taking lightly. 

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