Uber is offering free chopper rides in Bali for a lucky few peeps this week

We’ve heard of Uber adding Lamborghinis and Maseratis to their line-ups in cities other than Bali, but we’re pretty pleased to hear about a helicopter joyride being temporarily added to our island’s “fleet”. 

Leave it to Uber to do anything but shy away from the spotlight when they’re in hot water with Bali authorities and competing transport providers (aka the local taxi “mafia”). 

Uber Bali announced on their website and social media today that some randomly-selected Uber customers will get the sky-high experience of #UberChopperBali on Friday, Feb. 19. FOR FREE. Knock us down with a feather and load us up on that chopper.

Of course not everyone who requests the chopper ride will get it. Here are the instructions posted on Uber’s website:

Uber chopper

And here are the terms and conditions: 

Uber chopper

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