Fail: Indonesian men arrested at Bali port trying to smuggle stolen motorcycle hidden under durian load

This is what trying to smuggle a stolen motorcycle past police using a truck full of durians looks like. Photo via Denpasar Viral

A pair of Indonesian men were arrested at Bali’s Port of Gilimanuk, trying to smuggle a motorcycle off the island, over to Java, camouflaging the stolen vehicle in a truck full of aromatic durians.

M Haririn, 34, and his friend Mohammad Umar, 37, from Jember, East Java, were arrested by Gilimanuk Water Police with a stolen Yamaha Vixion in the back of a pickup truck loaded full with durian on Monday afternoon.

Haririn was arrested at Post 1 of the port, the exit point out of Bali around 3:30pm, Gilimanuk Marine Police Chief Comr. Nyoman Subawa said.

Haririn told police that he had previously smuggled stolen motorbikes four times to Jember using a pickup truck and various household items to hid the bikes, Subawa added.

However, before confessing, he apparently tried to lie to police, saying that he had been paid by a construction worker to transport the Yamaha Vixion on Monday.

“M Haririn claimed that the motorcycle he was transporting belonged to R, a construction worker in the Panjer area and he was asked to bring it to Jember for IDR300k (US$20.86) to IDR350k (US$24.34) for transport one way,” Subawa said, as quoted by Merdeka.

However, it’s been determined that Vixion uncovered on Monday was stolen from the North Kuta Police jurisdiction, according to Subawa.

“Because the motorcycle was stolen, the driver and his friend were immediately secured at police headquarters, along with the evidence in the form of the motorcycle and the pickup truck for further investigation,” Subawa said.

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