Trash scavenger discovers skull in roadside garbage dump

The skull and bones have been taken to Sanglah Hospital for a forensic examination. Photo: pxhere

A garbage scavenger, named as “Ari,” made a surprising discovery yesterday morning as he was sorting through the contents of a dump near Jl Bypass Ir. Soekarno in Tabanan, Bali.

According to a report by Kumparan, the 40-year old uncovered what is believed to be a human skull together with several bones. Ari had reportedly been looking for recyclables when he stumbled upon the remains between some white rice sacks.

Shocked at his grisly findings, Ari immediately contacted authorities and shortly after, Tabanan Police, together with a team from Indonesia Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (INAFIS) arrived on the scene.

According to local reports, the bones are clean of debris, and are suspected to be human.

Tabanan Police Chief I Wayan Nuriata acknowledged the discovery but was reluctant to speculate on any of the particulars, or even confirm that the remains were human. “We cannot yet ascertain age, sex, or other characteristics until we take the bones to Sanglah Hospital,” he said to Jawa Pos.

Forensic experts at the hospital are currently working to uncover more information about the bones, including any signs of foul play or violence.

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