Suspicious package resembling bomb freaks Tabanan residents out

A package that resembled a bomb was cause for concern for Tunjuk Village, Tabanan residents last Thursday. 

When local resident I Putu Dedi Pranata Yasa, 29, first saw the suspicious package Thursday night around 10:30 pm, on the road Tunjuk Kaja, leading to Banjar Cepik, he immediately reported it to the Pecalang, Tribun Bali reports. 

Tabanan Polie Chief Ida Bagus Putera confirmed the incident to local media, but says we don’t have anything to be worried about. 

“It wasn’t a bomb, it was just three cans of ‘green sands’ soda, but wrapped in paper and containing the cable from a phone, strung together, causing local residents to make a scene,” Putera said on Friday to Tribun. 

The night it happened, Tabanan Police officers arrived on the scene at 11:15 pm and put up a police line, while bomb squad officers arrived at 1:15 am with sniffer dog to check the package.

By 1:50 pm, the bomb squad had already detonated the object and the debris was picked up by 2:30 am. 

“The location is safe, there were no victims, the object was not a bomb, it was only made to resemble one,” Putera explained. But the investigation for the “fake bomb” is still in process, to determine who would do such a thing. 

He further explained that this is the sort of incident people use to strike panic and fear in people, comparing it to the high school students in Denpasar who wrote a threatening letter to their school and signed it from ISIS. 

This is not a totally isolated incident for Tabanan. A package similarly resembling a bomb was found in Kediri Market back in September 2015

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