Suspect in attempted kidnapping examined at Bali hospital for mental disorder

A man who allegedly attempted to kidnap a six-year-old girl in Karangasem on Sunday was beaten by a mob before being detained by police. Photo via Project Karma/Facebook

A man who allegedly attempted to kidnap a young Balinese girl in broad daylight in the island’s Karangasem Regency on Sunday is being examined for a mental disorder.

Kubu Police are investigating the alleged kidnapping attempt of six-year-old Ni Luh Putu Sayang Eka Yanti, taking place in Darmawinangun, Tianyar, Kubu.

The girl had been standing at a stall on the side of the Jl. Karangasem-Singaraja road. She was there with her father, I Made Laba, 30. Without her father realizing, the suspect snatched the girl, and tried to carry her away. However, she attracted attention to herself by screaming and a mob formed, which stopped the man and gave him a beating before he was detained by police. 

The alleged perpetrator was not carrying any form of ID.

“There is no confirmation of a mental disorder or not. It was advised that he’s being treated in the mental hospital first. We just follow that,” Kubu Police Chief. Comr. I Made Suadnyana said on Monday, as quoted by Bali Express.

Doctors at the hospital have recommended that the suspect be admitted for a 14-day examination period.

While the suspect is at the hospital, Kubu Police investigators will be developing the case, examining witnesses, collecting evidence, and tracking down the man’s identity.

“As the examination continues, the legal process continues. If later, (it’s found) that he does not have a mental disability, then he must take responsibility for his actions,” Suadnyana said.

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