Vlogger profusely apologizes, realizing sacrilegious error in his ways after video of climb up Balinese temple goes viral

Step 1: Do something culturally insensitive. Step 2: Get a shitstorm of angry comments from netizens (not pictured). Step 3: Make an apology video.

A Spanish vlogger says he is deeply sorry for his ignorance and disrespect after his own footage of himself climbing up on a Balinese temple quickly went viral on Wednesday morning.

A video clip shows the foreigner climbing up the Balinese Hindu padmasana, or temple structure before he goes into an uneventful chat about how his trip in Bali has been fun exploring, waterfalls, beaches, and. . . temples.

The man’s vlog clip was shared by the Bali social media account Bali Channel on Wednesday morning, calling for netizens to track him down and explain to him how his actions were way out of bounds and a slap in the face.

After being inundated with probably hundreds of comments from angry Balinese netizens, “Bernat” put up an apology video on Instagram within hours after Bali Channel shared his post.

Bernat apologized on Wednesday afternoon in a mix of English, Indonesian and Balinese, explaining that he did not realize he was not allowed to climb up on the temple.

Bali Channel has since reposted Bernat’s apology video to their Instagram account.

The Spaniard isn’t the first one to learn the lesson that one does not simply mount a padmasana. An Indonesian middle schooler was called out for blasphemy in October 2017 for a similar stunt.

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