Sheep found dead without heart and wool in Buleleng, residents anxious

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of seven sheep found last week in Desa Sumberklampok, Buleleng, have caused anxieties for surrounding residents, Merdeka reported.

Jatim, the owner of the sheep and resident of Buleleng, found his seven sheep scattered around his backyard in a very strange physical state. He found some of the sheep without its wool (some initially still alive), and some dead – with all of the dead ones missing their hearts. 

Merdeka reported that surrounding residents initially thought the incident involved a wild animal attack, namely a tiger from West Bali National Park forest. Jatim thought he saw imprints of tiger paws around the sheep carcasses. However, Jatim told Merdeka that this allegation was denied by West Bali National Park staff, who reportedly checked for visible traces and found no trace of tiger paws, Jatim continued.
Residents have also speculated that it could have been the conduct of someone practicing black magic.
Regardless of who was responsible, this weird incident has made surrounding citizens extremely wary of “possible wild animals roaming around at night”, Merdeka stated.
Because of this worry, surrounding citizens have supposedly been carrying around a spear when they go out at night.
“If it’s not an important matter, we’d much rather stay home” Jatim concluded. 

Photo at the top: Flickr 

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