School principal in NTT stabbed to death by student’s parent

Photo illustration of a crime scene.
Photo illustration of a crime scene.

A primary school principal in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has died following a gruesome incident involving the parent of a student, who reportedly stabbed the victim because his child was not allowed to take the school exam. 

The incident began when 10-year-old ED was sent home from school on Tuesday. ED was allegedly not allowed to take their exam because of an arrear in school fees. Offended, the child’s father, DD, went to the school with a knife in hand, where he reportedly attempted to attack a few teachers, though they managed to escape his wrath.

DD then located the principal, identified as DA, and proceeded to stab her. 

“The suspect attacked the victim by stabbing her with a knife on the right side of the stomach, which caused an open wound,” NTT Police spokesman Rishian Krisna Budhiaswanto said. 

According to Rishian, DD then ran away from the scene while DA was taken to the nearest community clinic (Puskesmas) by her colleagues. She was later moved to a hospital, but unfortunately succumbed to her injuries in the early hours of Wednesday. 

DD turned himself in not long after, and is currently detained at the Nagekeo precinct. 

Under Indonesia’s criminal code (KUHP), assault that results in death is punishable by up to seven years in prison.

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