Police in NTB arrest couple for allegedly raping and filming foster child

Photo illustration.
Photo illustration.

Police in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) are investigating a rape case involving a 21-year-old woman, who was allegedly raped by her foster father for six years. Authorities are also investigating the victim’s foster mother under the suspicion that she filmed the rape and posted the videos online. 

“The husband and wife were arrested in their home in the Langgudu sub-district. They are currently detained for further investigation,” Hilmi Manossoh Prayugo, who heads the crime unit at Bima Police, told Detik yesterday.

The victim, identified by her initials RM, had been living with the couple since she was 15. Police said the arrangement was made in order for RM to easily reach her school, as her own biological parents lived much farther away. 

RM’s sibling, identified as RH, was the one who filed a police report. According to RH, RM has been raped since she was 15 and was threatened with her nude photos and videos. 

“Because of the threat, she [RM] was pressured to obey what the perpetrator wanted to do and even cover up his misdeeds,” RH told Kompas.

The alleged perpetrator, identified by his initials AM, denied that he had been raping RM for years. 

“I’ve only done it five times. It was in 2019, when she [RM] was a college student, not a junior high school student,” AM reportedly said, claiming that RM had consented to their intimate relationship. 

AM did admit that his wife, identified by her initials FN, had filmed the alleged rape, but claimed to not know who had posted the videos online.

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