Police arrest 4 men for clubbing dog to death, say suspects planned on cooking it

A screenshot from a video taken by a bystander. Screenshot: Instagram
A screenshot from a video taken by a bystander. Screenshot: Instagram

Police in Bali’s Badung regency have arrested four men after they were caught beating a dog to death last week, and said that the suspects had planned on cooking the canine for a meal. 

The gruesome beating was filmed by a bystander from a distance, footage of which quickly went viral on the internet last week and widely condemned by netizens and animal rights activists. 

The dog’s owner, identified as Dewi T Manafe, filed a police report soon after, and authorities then tracked down the perpetrators after identifying their motorbike plate numbers from available footage. 

The four men, identified by their initials GH, AP, KA and MKB, had beaten the dog, identified as 10-year-old Sule, while Dewi was not at home. They arrived at the location and started clubbing Sule with a block of wood, and proceeded to stuff it into a sack before taking it away with them on a motorcycle. 

“The suspects confessed to having abused and beaten the dog to death and brought them to their home to be cooked and eaten together,” I Ketut Sukadi, Badung Police spokesman, said in a statement yesterday. 

Police have charged the four men with violation of Article 302 on animal abuse under Indonesia’s criminal code (KUHP), which carries a maximum prison sentence of nine months. 

Activists in the country have long lamented the lack of enforcement of laws protecting animals, but recent cases of animal abuse in Bali at least have seen authorities prosecuting suspected animal abusers, such as the case of a shopkeeper abusing a three-month old dog in Blahbatuh, Gianyar last year. 

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