Man allegedly hacked with sickle over gambling, but suspect claims he’s the victim

A rowdy gambling session turned bloody after a man was struck in the face with a sickle on Sunday, allegedly by his own neighbor.
A rowdy gambling session turned bloody after a man was struck in the face with a sickle on Sunday, allegedly by his own neighbor.

A man was struck in the face with a sickle on Sunday, allegedly by his own neighbor, after a rowdy gambling session in Buleleng regency. But who exactly is at fault is in question after one of the alleged assailants filed a competing report with the police claiming he was the victim.

Buleleng police have apprehended the suspects, identified by their initials Y and PA, and an investigation is ongoing, according to a report by Tribun-Bali.

“We have apprehended the suspects, but it’s an ongoing investigation and we are still questioning witnesses,” said First Inspector Sumarjaya of Buleleng Police, as quoted in the report.

Forty-nine-year-old Dewa Putu Witana says he began gambling with his neighbors on Sunday afternoon. He said it was around 11pm when he noticed that his fellow players might be cheating him.

“I’d been winning, but I didn’t get any money in return. So I protested. My son wasn’t playing with us, but he told Y to play by the rules. I don’t know why but suddenly he wanted to punch my son, so I held Y off by his waist to avoid things from escalating,” Witana said on Monday at the Buleleng police station, as quoted by the Jawa Pos network.  

However, Y’s cousin, PA, who is suspected to have been drunk at the time, suddenly threw Witana a head punch. Witana said he was then kicked repeatedly by both Y and PA, but managed to escape to his cousin’s place, which was nearby.

Witana’s cousin, Dewa Komang Ardita, then suggested they go back to talk things over, especially because Witana’s son was still at his neighbor’s.

According to Witana, that’s when things got bloody. He says he was immediately struck by Y with a sickle the moment he entered the house. He says Ardita, too, was attacked by Y.

“My face was wet with blood. My cousin helped me escape, and together we went to Buleleng hospital. I got 20 stitches on my left hand, and about 10 in my cheek. My cousin’s wounds weren’t too big,” Witana said, as quoted by Bali Express.

In an unexpected turn of events, Witana’s neighbor Yoyok (who was referred to as Y by the police) filed his own police report against Witana and Ardita on Monday afternoon, claiming he was the one who was harassed and attacked by the cousins.

“I am the victim. I was harassed by Dewa Wit (Witana) and his son. I was hit by his son,” the 37-year-old said, as quoted by Warta Bali Online.

Yoyok admitted he had used a sickle but said it was for self-defense after things got so escalated that local residents started taking sides in the conflict and throwing stuff at his house. He claimed to seek refuge at the local police station after the incident, where he also filed a report.

It remains unclear who’s really at fault, or even what really went down on Sunday evening and there likely won’t be any answers until the police release more information on the case.

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