Bali man admits to poisoning someone else’s pet dog then planning on selling it as satay: Police

Photo: Flickr
Photo: Flickr

A man in North Bali has been arrested for poisoning someone’s pet dog, then planning on selling its meat as satay.

Komang WSM, 41, of Sukasada, Buleleng was arrested on Sunday after Kadek Sugiarta, 29, a neighbor of the poisoned dog’s owner noticed WSM feeding dogs in the area.

When Sugiarta saw that the dog got sick after eating the food and WSM was dragging it away and putting it in a sack, he informed the dog’s owner, Putu Adipta and the pair chased WSM through the neighborhood, eventually catching him, Singaraja Police Chief AA Wiranata Kusuma told Bali Post.

The men handed WSM over to police.

According to Wiranata, WSM admitted to killing the victim’s dog by mixing potassium into the food he had given it. After WSM saw the dog had died, he took it in a sack.

“His tactic was poisoning dogs and collecting them after they died. Looks like it was effective because the dogs could not resist, and because of the potassium, the dog would immediately die, all the perpetrator had to do was wrap it up and sell it,” Wiranata said.

Bali essentially banned the island’s dog meat trade with a governor’s decree in July 2017, but there have still been reports like Sunday’s of dog meat sales persisting.

If vendors are found selling RW, civil service police have previously said they will be subject to lesser criminal charges.

However, it is not yet clear how WSM has been charged.


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