Lion Air passenger dies upon landing in Bali

A plane from the Lion Air fleet. Photo: PK-LFM/Flickr

A passenger on a Lion Air flight was declared dead upon landing at Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport on Monday.

Identified as 57-year-old Janos Dominggus in a Kompas news report, the passenger had been on flight JT 040 from Jakarta.

The victim had been traveling with a relative and did not carry a medical certificate denoting any preexisting conditions, according to local media.

“His (emergency) condition was sudden. When he was in the air, the crew did first aid because of the emergency condition. Finally, it was communicated to the (air traffic control) that there was a passenger in need of help, so the ground handling crew brought a medical team,” Lion Air spokesman Danang Mandala told Kompas on Tuesday.

Dominggus was sent to the nearest hospital in line with standard operating procedure, but was declared dead after he was examined.

“His condition wasn’t normal. There was indication of something, which only the hospital is authorized to speak on,” Danang said.

Following the passenger’s death, Lion Air is appealing with customers to follow flight procedures and provide clear information to staff at the check-in counter about any medical conditions, whether that be contagious illness, pregnancy, or any other special needs. Passengers falling into a “sick category” are required to have a medical permit certifying that they are fit to fly, with approval from the Airport Health Office, according to the spokesman.

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